Grinder Pumps

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SQG Grinder Pumps Series


The SQG series centrifugal grinder pumps are able to pump soft organic solids in suspension, by shredding to slurry. Grinder pumps are ideal for: Grey water pumping; Sump emptying; Septic effluent & sewage water disposal


Key Features:

    • Class 30 cast iron construction
    • 2” Side discharge
    • Dual mechanical, 300 series Stainless Steel Parts
    • Oil-filled motor with automatic reset overload provides safe operation
    • Ball bearing construction for long life
    • Attached float switch for automatic operation




Technical Data:

  • Power Cable: Severe duty rated, oil and water resistant. Standard cord is 20’.
  • O-ring: Buna-N, assures positive sealing against oil leakage.
  • Bearing: Upper and lower ball bearing construction to carry all radial and thrust loads.
  • Casing (Motor Housing): Heavy-duty gray cast iron, ASTM A48, Class 30.
  • Motor: 2 poles, fully submerged in Mobil oil for lubrication and efficient heat transfer. All ratings are within             the working limits of the motor.
  • Shaft: Corrosion resistance stainless steel.
  • Impeller: Hardened cast steel.
  • Volute Casing: Cast iron flanged volute type for maximum efficiency. Designed for easy installation.
  • Dual Mechanical Seals: stainless steel metal parts, BUNA-N elastomers.
    Upper Seal: Carbon VS Ceramic
    Lower Seal: Silicon Carbide VS Silicon Carbide


Model Hp Volt.
Gal/Min @ Total Head in Feet Shut
10 15 20 25 30 35
WQ1100SQG,115V 1.5 115/1 17.6 100 90 80 70 60 48 50 60
WQ1100SQG,230V 1.5 230/1 8.8 100 90 80 70 60 48 50 60